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Drain Relining

At Drains-R-Us we use the Renoline Drain Lining System as it is a proven and established method of placing a new pipe within an existing damaged pipe without the need for excavation. This ‘no dig’ solution to drainage problems allows us to carry out the work with minimal disruption to your home or business.

The drain relining services that we provide are accepted by local authorities, loss adjusters, surveyors, civil engineers and architects and have many advantages including:

  • The elimination of costly excavations and general disruption to your property.
  • Drain relining is capable of repairing and curing leaking and open joints, root intrusion, cracks and all other associated pipe failure.
  • Achieves a permanent structural repair
  • Drain relining guarantees improved flow characteristics to ensure optimal performance of your drains.
  • Will withstand ground movement far in excess of traditional drainage materials such as saltglaze, clayware and concrete.
  • Any cross-sectional loss is adequately compensated for by increased flow efficiency.

Renoline has a very wide range of applications and is suitable for sewers, culverts and vertical rain water down pipes. It can also be used to seal tanks, chambers and manholes. Renoline is resistant to most aggressive chemicals and can withstand extremely high temperatures.

If you live in Norfolk or Suffolk and have drains that you think may need repair, we are able to undertake full CCTV Surveys to identify the exact problem and provide professional, efficient and cost effective solutions. Please contact us for a free, no obligation, quotation or to discuss your requirements on freephone 0800 783 0716 or 01263 768266.